Battle of the Arts Tournament: 10-29-05
Alyssa and Arica take a break to smile for the camera
alyssa form
Alyssa performs Chung-moo
alyssa spar
Alyssa takes first place in sparring!
arica form     gaby form    
Arica performs Yul-guk
                  Gaby performs Hwa-rang
gaby ready
Gaby preparing to break...
gaby boards
Gaby takes first in breaking!
Karla form    
Karla performs Yul-guk.
Liz with her trophies:
First place youth breaking
Second plac
e youth formsproud Liz
melissa form
Melissa performs Dan-gun.
proud of cricket
So proud of Cricket! First in youth forms and
second in sparring.
Trophies, trophies and more trophies! Congratulations all...
From Left: Gaby, Lindsey (Cricket), Melissa, Sabum Nim, Arica, Alyssa and Liz