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23 July 2002

Can You Give Me Your Word?

    I shall observe the tenets of Tae Kwon Do. I shall respect my instructors and seniors. I shall never misuse Tae Kwon Do. I will be a champion of freedom and justice. I will build a more peaceful world. All these things combined create the Tae Kwon Do student oath.
    An oath is a very special and sacred thing Webster's Thesaurus also describes an oath as a pledge, promise, testimony, or vow. One should not agree to take an oath if one is not committed to fulfilling an obligation.
    Many things have changed throughout the course of time. One thing that has however remained unchanged is a person's word to another person. Across America and throughout the world, pledges, promises, vows, and oaths are being enforced. Boy and Girl Scouts are taught to memorize pledges to their land, family, and God. Witnesses in any court system are sworn by an oath to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Millions of couples are daily reciting vows and partaking in an everlasting promise to each other in marriage.
    As a student of Tae Kwon Do, I am honored to join the other Tae Kwon Do students and declare to all who can hear my allegiance to both the martial art and those training in it.
    I shall observe the tenets of Tae Kwon Do. Courtesy shall be demonstrated through my mannerism and my speech. Integrity will be demonstrated with each hones approach to others and situations that arise. Self-control will strengthen my mental capabilities by being able to restrain myself in even the most intense situations. Perseverance will be my strength to move and never give up. Indomitable spirit, no matter where I go someone is fighting a harder battle, how I deal with my battle will enhance and renew my spirit.
    I shall respect my instructors and seniors. In the modern day, teens are taught to disrespect their elders and to live for today. However, what many reckless teens fail to realize is that by disobeying those who have already walked the windy roads, history is destined to repeat again and again. By respecting my instructor not only will I learn this martial art but I will also be able to create a bond that cannot be broken. This one of understanding and love, far stronger than any physical power.
    I shall never misuse Tae Kwon Do. Every day people can see others mimicking all forms of martial arts. This is a form of disrespect. Tae Kwon Do should never be used exclusively to raise a person to a higher standard or tear others down. Instead Tae Kwon Do should be used to spread history, and be enforced in dire situations.
    I will be a champion of freedom and justice. No one is considered a failure unless that one chooses to fail. I will be a champion of freedom, freedom of voice, and freedom to happiness. I may not support an opinion but I will fight to the death for your right to say it. Justice will be served and I will work to see that no on is unfairly judged.
    I will build a more peaceful world. Many things are needed for a peaceful world. Some say it is a feat too far away to be obtained. If each person would make an effort to build a peaceful world this dream may no longer be so hard to grasp.
    In Tae Kwon Do I plan to pursue many aspects. I will acquire fire. I will build both an inner and outer strength. I shall work to become an active member of society. But most importantly I will live by the tenets. The tenets that are perhaps the key to mankind.