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I shall observe the tenets of Tae Kwon Do.
    Courtesy. Includes respect for everyone, with special consideration of my instructor and fellow students. Following proper protocol shows my respect for the meaning of my training. I must understand that martial arts are bigger than I am; I am a student trying to understand and appreciate the advantages of training. By being courteous to all aspects of my training, I will see the fullest benefits of it.
    Integrity. This is a matter of stability and respect for my training. Integrity is to be whole and unbroken. Every aspect of my training affects me in some way. I must take each and every thing I do seriously, for the pieces of what I do make me who I am. I should always keep in mind what I am trying to accomplish by training, and how I can properly follow a path to success.
    Perseverance. No matter how tired, sore, mentally strained, bothered, frustrated, successful, or lethargic I feel; no matter what point I might be at in my training; no matter how others perceive me at any time; I must always, without exception, push myself to strive for better. 
    Self-control. This is a matter of personally acknowledging the aforementioned modes of training. Always keep in mind how I am reflecting my school and myself and using that understanding to act properly at all times.
    Indomitable spirit. Similar to perseverance, yet adds the dimension of my own personal recognition of the meanings of my training. My spirit is what I believe in, and I must always stand up for what I know is right. Always.

By understanding and observing these ideals, I have a core system of beliefs and attitudes that will allow me to train to my fullest potential. This approach must be taken in all aspects of my life.

I shall respect my instructors, seniors, and fellow students.
    All of the students in the class are learning together. I have struggled just as much, if not more, as every other student that comes in to learn martial arts. I must respect their efforts and acknowledge the pitiful feeling of inferiority that one can get when a classmate looks down upon someone. My seniors have been at the place where I am and are knowledgeable of the art beyond my current capacity. They have proven their ability to master what I continue to learn. I respect them and show my appreciation for their help and guidance. My instructor rules my training, and does her best to offer me the most beneficial training possible. I follow her rules and desires, and she deserves that I go above and beyond those wishes. I respect her experiences in training and her understanding of the art. By respecting all others in the class, I show them that what they do is important, and I learn from each other woman as well.

I shall never misuse Tae Kwon Do.

    Training in a martial art is a privilege. The lessons I learn in my training are invaluable and must not be taken lightly. My training is a deep integral part of who I am. I must respect it in every step of my life.

I will be a champion of freedom and justice.

    I am gaining an advantage in life by training in a martial art. I must use the lessons learned, and the physical capacities, to help others who do not have the experiences that I do. To me, this might include protecting a person who is in danger that I can help. It also means that I am less afraid to say things that are protective of justice, knowing that I have training in defending myself mentally, verbally, and physically. My training gives me the opportunity to stand up for such things, and I will take advantage of this opportunity to the fullest extent.

I will build a more peaceful world.
    The power I gain by training in Martial Arts affords me the opportunity to affect others, both “good” and “bad”. I shall always use my knowledge of training to break down perpetrators of injustice, and to assist those who may not know how (or be unable) to help themselves. By spreading the right ideals powerfully, each individual I encounter may see the benefits of peace and then personally work towards that goal as well.

                                Alyssa S.
                                December 2003