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Sabum Nim,

Here is my writing on what teaching experience has meant to me.

Teaching has taught me just as much about martial arts as my own training has. To teach someone a technique, it is absolutely necessary that I know that technique well. I need to be able to name it, display it, explain it, and then correct it if there is an error. This meticulous process makes me a better student, as it encompasses patience, knowledge, a desire for building community and learning, and the skill of being ready for anything the other student throws at me, such as a question I hadn't previously thought of.

When I taught the kickboxing class, I saw my fellow students getting fatigued and tired. They lacked the motivation to continue working so hard. It was actually a very encouraging experience, because I knew they were pushing themselves, and it also made me dig deeper for more energy to help fuel them. It was a loose class, where I wasn't particular about detail of punches and targeting and such, so I got to see how each student took what I dig show them attempt to turn it into an efficient fighting move. I left the sequence of moves up to the students, and they all picked something different from what I would have liked, so I learned a lot about their perspective as well.

Teaching white belts is very challenging. They have little conception of a larger picture, so I tried to just explain what they needed to know, all while adding a little something else, hoping to push the limits of their current understanding. Although most of it probably got lost, perhaps they will remember some of it, as I remember other students telling me things throughout my own training. I like getting to shape their basic movements, because a lot of that will stay with them for the rest of their training.

Teaching can be frustrating, because I often want to advance my own knowledge of new material. However, I always end up realizing that teaching reinforces old concepts and gives me a stronger base. In fact, many concepts are universal throughout Tae Kwon DO, so going back to simple punches does help me get an idea of more complicated movements. It's like  reallyhaving to do a good side kick before you can do a spin-back side kick followed by a backfist. Right.

Teaching is good. It has helped me grow as a person too, because I have to be less selfish, and share what I know with others and truly hope that they become skilled martial artists.

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By the way, I am really looking forward to class today!!!

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