Empower! by Women, for Women

Empower! is unique because it was developed exclusively by women, is taught only by certified women instructors, for women, in a safe and supportive environment. Most self-defense courses focus exclusively on skills to defend against physical assault which has already turned aggressive or violent. While Empower! includes learning these skills, we also focus on learning skills to defend against psychological and emotional manipulation and intimidation which almost always precedes open aggression. We include skill building activities designed to help students recognize and defend against intrusions leading up to physical assault. We talk about how traditional gender roles lead to women being thought of, by both sexes, as easily targeted victims. We explore the emotional dynamics involved in personal relationships between victim and assailant.

Kicks Martial Arts for Women offers Empower! courses both on and off site. Our instructors will custom tailor a course specifically for your group's needs. Whether you are are involved with girl scouts or seniors, college students or working women, Kicks has an Empower! course for your group.Contact us for more information.