CardioKicks! Fitness Kickboxing


CardioKicks! was developed by martial artists who are also experienced fitness professionals. CardioKicks! is fitness kickboxing that combines all the fun and excitement of traditional aerobics with the empowering edge of Tae Kwon Do and women's self-defense.

Kicks Martial Arts for Women offers on and off site certification courses for group fitness instructors, personal trainers and fitness professionals interested in learning to teach or add CardioKicks! in their facilities. Certification is available for the following CardioKicks! programs.

Beginner CardioKicks!




CardioKicks! Strength Training

Some of the topics covered in our instructor training include:
  • Choosing and developing a CardioKicks! class format that’s right for you.
  • How to choreograph CardioKicks! routines in various class formats.
  • How to organize your  CardioKicks! class to keep it moving and keep it safe.
  • How to choose and use music safely and effectively.
  • Safety issues for group fitness classes.
  • Resources for group fitness instructors.
  • How to motivate and keep them coming back.
  • How to increase martial arts enrollment from your fitness kickboxing classes. (CardioKicks! as a segue to martial arts.)
Contact Kicks for more information about certification programs for you or your instructors. CardioKicks! is a hit!