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The Ancient Art of Fitness Kickboxing

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Jump Start Your Metabolism

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November 2003

The Ancient Art of
Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness Tip of the Month

Jump Start Your Metabolism   
After Tae Bo disappeared from late night TV we asked ourselves, "Is fitness kickboxing really just a trend?" No! There has always been a fitness element and component to traditional martial arts. Often times being a separate program of sorts.

Aerobic kickboxing is nothing new and has always been considered a  valid way of training for martial arts/self defense. So what components make up an effective safe fitness kickboxing program?

First to be both effective and safe, fitness kickboxing should be taught by trained martial arts instructors. Ideally these instructors would also have a background as group fitness professionals. CardioKicks! was developed by Kicks Martial Arts for Women instructor, Laura Kamienski who has been a fitness professional for over a decade and has been certified by the National Association of Professional Martial Artists to teach fitness kickboxing classes. Her experience as a fitness professional and a martial artist makes CardioKicks! a great workout combining practical martial arts techniques with the excitement and fun of traditional aerobic classes.

"There are two weaknesses with most aerobic kickboxing classes. Either they are run by aerobics instructors with no martial arts background, or they are run by martial artists with no aerobics or fitness backgrounds. Either way the outcome is less than perfect," said Kamienski

An aerobics class has to have certain components to be safe and effective. This includes class components, knowledge of body mechanics and kinesiology as well as heart rate monitoring and testing. Knowledge about music tempos, safely choreographing routines and teaching to a mixed population are other areas which must be considered when teaching group fitness classes. Most aerobics instructors have some kind of training and background in these areas. Most martial artists do not.

The other side of the coin is learning the proper mechanics of martial arts techniques as well as their applications. Martial artists train for years at these techniques and are uniquely qualified to teach and demonstrate them.

So it seems that far from a fitness trend, a class that combines the elements of a safe and effective aerobics class with the proper mechanics of martial arts techniques makes for one kick butt workout!

CardioKicks! Fitness Kickboxing with Kicks instructor Laura Kamienski is held every Tuesay and Thursday at
5:00 PM at Bucknell University Fieldhouse dance studio.

Bucknell fitness facilities are open to faculty, staff and current members. You must have a valid Bucknell ID to attend.


Cool Link
of the Month

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Kicks Rank Promotions

Welcome new White Belts: Katie, Rachel, Jackie, Molly, Meghan, Martha and Anya. You're on your way!

  • Gold Belt: Kristen, Deena and Meghan
  • Orange Belt Lindsey, Micah, Michelle and Alyssa
  • Green Belt Liz
A special congratulations to Kristen and Lindsey who earned a medal for her outstanding performance in Forms. Also a special congratulations to Liz who earned a medal for her outstanding performance in Board Breaking.

Liz, Micah, Lindsey and Sabum Nim Kamienski
Michelle and Sabum Nim
You can check out more test photos by clicking here.

Upcoming Events

  • The next rank test will be held on December 13th at 2:00 PM.
  • A-Z class for senior students will be held on November 1st from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. You must register to attend. Class is open for students ranking blue belt and above.

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