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The Student Oath

Rather than write and essay on what each one means, I decided to write about whaqt the oath mans to me overall.

The student oath is about being human and all it entails, good and bad. It's about humilyt and ego, striving for one and controlling the other.

It's about recognizing your ability to choose. Knowing that you will make right and wrong choices and accepting the responsibility for their outcomes.

It's about measuring  up to what you expect of yourself and not what others expect of you. Dealing with pressure and still being able to look at yourself in the mirror the next day.

It's about knowing your wekanesses and your strengths. Being aware of personal limitations and making all out effort wehn when challenged.

It's about being a woman and standing up for yourself and others.

It's about taking that larger vision you hold inside and inching your way towards it.

It's about failing and still continuing to press onward.

And finally it's having the personal freedom to do all the bove and never taking that for granted.