Course Descriptions

Girls Tae Kwon Do - Traditional martial arts instruction for girls ages 6 and up complete with a junior belt ranking system designed for young women. Our program emphasizes teaching children how not to fight and helps them learn to deal with difficult situations in a non-violent manner. Kicks girls learn to set boundaries while developing confidence, self-esteem and awareness. Kicks upbeat girls program focuses energy in a fun, postive and productive manner while they learn valuable self-defense and life skills.

Beginner Tae Kwon Do for Women - Traditional martial arts instruction for women, with an emphasis on the specific needs and concerns of women. This class is specifically structured for those just beginning their martial arts practice. As basics are the foundation of martial arts training, all ranks are encouraged to participate in this class. Classes will include: basics, forms, self-defense, and sparring. (note: proper protective gear is required to spar.)

Tae Kwon Do for Women - Evening class for senior belts ranked orange or higher. Day class is for all ranks including Beginners. Classes will include: basics, forms, self-defense, and sparring. (note: proper protective gear is required to spar.)

Advanced Tae Kwon Do for Women - Tae Kwon Do for advanced students ranked blue belt or higher.

Beginner CardioKicks! - A 30-minute introduction to our CardioKicks! fitness program. This class presents the fundamental techniques of CardioKicks!, CardioContact! and KickStep! in a format perfect for first timers. A great place to start your CardioKicks! fitness program. Please note that this class is held only on the first Tuesday of each month.

CardioKicks! and CardioContact!- CardioKicks! is an easy-to-follow, great workout combining practical martial arts techniques with the excitement and fun of traditional aerobics classes.  CardioContact! is segments of CardioKicks! interwoven with strength, resistance, bag and jumprope training. Both 45-minute classes are sure to challenge the novice and black belt alike. You'll love this!

KickStep! - All of the same energy and excitement of CardioKicks! fitness kickboxing with the added cross-training advantages of step aerobics. Step up to the challenge! 45minutes.

CardioKicks! Strength Training - 30 minutes of intense resistance training designed to sculpt and tone using the resistance and strength training techniques of martial artists. Ends with a cool down and a good stretch. You'll see the results!

Empower! Women's Self Defense - This 12-hour course consists of basic techniques involved in self-protection. Skills covered in this class include; verbal and de-escalation skills, striking and escape techniques and ground defense. We also focus on learning skills to defend against the psychological and emotional manipulation and intimidation which almost always precedes open aggression. We include skill building activities designed to help students recognize and defend against the intrusions leading up to physical assault. We talk about how traditional gender roles lead to women being thought of, by both sexes, as easily targeted victims. We explore the emotional dynamics involved in the personal relationships between victim and assailant. Students should wear comfortable clothing. Contact Kicks for next class dates.