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Sabum Nim Danica Deming

Kicks students enjoyed learning about various weapons during an amazing seminar given by Sabum Danica Deming. The seminar included working with nun-chucks, bo, short and long sticks and the sai's.

Sabum Nim Deming  has been training for six years and is a Second Dan in Ko Am Mu Do. She trains at E.T. Karate in Baltimore, Maryland.  When she's not training she is a high school senior and a part time student at a local community college. Sabum Nim Deming plans on continuing her college education in social work. She currently works extensively with children; instructing discipline camps in addition to Ko Am Mu Do classes.

danica with sima
Sabum Nim Deming shows Sima how to high block using nun-chucks.

nun chuck group
The entire group enjoyed working with nun-chucks.

Cricket doing Nun Chuck form
Cricket performing a basic nun-chuck form

Georgia with Bo

Kicks newest white belt, Georgia, works with the bo.

Margaret working with Sai's

Margaret working with the Sai's. No Margaret, Dare Devil isn't a training guide!

Katie with nunchucks
Katie works with nun-chucks.

Elana long stick

Sabum Nim Deming shows Elana how to defend herself using the long stick.

Master Tom Merritt

We were honored to have Master Tom Merritt and Master Lucy Hanson at our April 20th, 2004 and April 12th, 2005 rank testing. Along with overseeing the test, Master Merritt taught two seminars on Tae Kwon Do form and technique. 



Master Merritt is the youngest seventh degree black belt in North America and is the founder and president of the International Tae Kwon Do Union (ITU). The ITU was formed in retaliation to increasing internal "politics" in martial arts organizations. The ITU promises a "politics free" environment. According to Master Merritt, "I started the ITU because other major organizations are politically influenced and unaffordable. The ITU is based on a philosophy of no favoritism and openly accepts practioners from all different kwans."

As the first male instructor to ever be invited to Kicks, Master Merritt said, "I am very honored to be here. It means a great deal to me to be the first male to teach at Kicks."  Master Merritt went on to comment that, In his more than 20 years of martial arts training, "Kicks students are some of the finest Tae Kwon Do students I've ever seen."
Target Practice

Kicks director, Laura Kamienski, was re-certified as an International Tae Kwon Do Union instructor during the course of the events. "I am extraordinarily proud to be affiliated with the ITU. Master Merritt sets a new standard for all martial artists, female and male," said Sabum Nim Kamienski.


This year, along with Masters Merritt and Hansen, we also had the honor of Masters Smith and Munk visiting Kicks.

Master Merritt works with the entire group on obverse punch.

smith and munk
Masters Smith and Munk attack white belt students Margaret and Amy during the rank testing.

Masters Merritt and Hansen
Masters Merritt and Hansen look on

Master Merritt demonstrates proper high blocking technique.

Master Merritt works with Kicks senior student Gaby

Sabum Nim Jennifer Lawler  
Dr. Lawler is a black belt and author of  nineteen books including, Tae Kwon Do for Women, Coaching Women in the Martial Arts,  Kickboxing for Women, Punch: Why Women Participate in Violent Sports, and Martial Arts for Dummies.  She earned her Ph.D. in English from the University of Kansas in 1996.  She is experienced as a tournament competitor, judge and referee, and martial arts and self-defense instructor. Currently, she devotes most of her time to writing and speaking about martial arts training. Her latest book Dojo Wisdom explores using martial arts philosophy in daily life, even if you're not a martial artist. 

Sabum Nim Lawler with the Girls Tae Kwon Do class                     Jennifer Lawler with Women's Tae Kwon Do Class                  
        Kicks Tae Kwon Do for Girls                                                                                      Kicks Tae Kwon Do for Women
           Left to right: Sabum Nim Lawler, Lindsey, Joanna, Sarah, Martina, Micah                                                  Bottom row, left to right: Elizabeth, Julie, Gaby
           Sabum Nim Kamienski                                                                                                                                          Standing, left to right: Esther, Brittney, Sabum Nim Kamienski
                                                                                                                                                                                            Sabum Nim Lawler, Coralynn, Michelle

Jennifer Lawler Workshop
Introduction to Self-defense, Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing for Women
Kneeling, left to right: Tish, Coralynn, Deena
Standing, left to right: Gaby, Esther, Doc, Sabum Nim Lawler, Brittney
Linda, Donna, Kristen

Jennifer and Grace                        Sabum Nims
Jennifer Lawler and our friend Grace                                        Sabum Nim Jennifer Lawler and
                                                                                                Sabum Nim Laura Kamienski

Sabum Lawler guest instructs Kicks' Girls

Lindsey                         Punch
                    Lindsey works on flying side kick                                                 Sabum Nim Lawler works with the girls on basic technique
                    with Sabum Nim Lawler.                                                              Left to right: Joanna, Lindsey, Micah, Sarah and Martina

Self defense                         Micah
                           Sarah works on self-defense                                                 Lindsey and Michah work on some sparring drills with targets.
                           with Sabum Nim Lawler

Sabum Nim Lawler guest instructs Kicks' Adult Tae Kwon Do Students.

round kick                         lapel grab                      
Sabum Nim Lawler helps Brittney improve her round kick.                             Michelle is the attacker as Sabum Nim Lawler demonstrates
                                                                                                                     an escape from a lapel grab.

Kicks hosts a two hour workshop entitled "An Introduction to Self-defense, Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing for Women" with Jennifer Lawler.  Each participant received a signed copy of Jennifer's latest book "Dojo Wisdom".


Jenny Perrin
Jenny Perrin taught a one-hour introductory workshop on wrestling. Jenny's impressive wrestling career, including regional and state championship titles, spans from her days in junior high and high school to her current status on the wrestling team at Bucknell University.

                        in action
Jenny Perrin                                                                      Jenny in action!

Sabum Nim Silke Schulz
Sabum Nim Schulz is a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She owns Kicks! Martial Arts and Fitness in California City, CA where she also works as a women's legal advocate.

Silke and Students
Left to Right: Rachel, Cristin, Melanie, Ann, Sabum Nim Kamienski,
Sabum Nim Schulz, Elizabeth and Esther

Who me?
Who me...camera shy?

Back fist work
Sabum Nim Schulz helps students with their "back-fist" technique.

Christine and Sabum Nim Schulz
Christine works with Sabum Nim Schulz

Sparring with Sabum Nim Schulz was a lot of fun..

Ann spars with Sabum Nim Schulz
and a REAL challenge!

Sensei Charity Warren

Sensei Warren hales from Fort Worth Texas. She has been training in martial arts for over 14 years and holds the rank of second-degree black belt. Sensei Warren also teaches women's self-defense seminars for local women's shelters.

Sabum Nim Laura Kamienski and Sensei Charity Warren 2001

Don't let the name fool ya!
Don't let the name fool ya!

Charity in action!
Charity in action!

Grace and Charity
What's in a name? Grace and Charity