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Juliejulie Julie K.

    With all great respect to our school, Sabum Nim, and the art of Tae Kwon Do, I feel a connection with our Student Oath and the Five Tenets, a connection of personal and inner strength. To say and believe in our oath, the tenets and everything they stand for are not mere words we speak. These words are a dedication to the historical values of those who created the art and technique, as well as our own spirit and self esteem. As women I think we have a natural bond between us to help one another move forward in life, to "help build a more peaceful world"...

    This essay is built on strength as I know it... the strength to defend myself in a physical manner if I am threatened... the strength to stand and respond in what I believe as  honesty and truth... the strength to wake every day knowing, and proving to myself I am a strong woman. As an individual I feel that my training has given me the courage to know what I believe, trust myself and stand ready when life throws a new curve. The challenges seem endless in trying to bring positive influences into ourselves and those around us. It is that which has helped my mental being... and that which through determination I have developed inner strength.

    I read something once that has stayed with me in the back of my mind. I cannot quote the exact words, but from memory I know how it affected me after reading it the first time. We dream about who we are, through our dreams we inspire to act. Learning and having the courage to act, helps determine who we will  become. I believe that dreams do come true, that we are the only ones that can make it happen... hope is real. I believe the world is filled with endless possibilities. Together I feel as though we have formed a sisterhood, we will motivate one another, stand tall and strong with great integrity.

    I have taken on a personal connection with what I have learned. I can't seem to find the words to express exactly how I feel about what I have learned about such and incredible art, and myself. It's like writing a scattered letter to yourself.

    I have a small book filled with quotes called "Simple Wisdom". Many things in this tiny little book carry a huge meaning to me in just a few simply stated words. So with this ending thought, I am forever grateful.

Follow your inner thoughts;
Don't hide the madness.

Allen Ginsberg (b. 1926)
American Poet