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Kickin' it during session 2.


We don't call it CardioKicks! for nothin'!

CardioKicks! instructor
Tish Luckabaugh

Some of SVWIT's board members came to join in on the fun...
DebDeb Chaninand Chanin

Let the breaking begin! Kicks Tae Kwon Do students broke a total of twenty boards....WOW!
corCor! tish  Tish!  gaby  Gaby! 
elizabeth  Elizabeth! bethBeth! maryannMary Ann!
So that's why they call it Kicks!

But wait...what's this?!
Hammer Elizabeth lk2 lk 3
one!   two!  three!

and the grand finale'...

Sisters of Alpha Chi Omega

There were so many participants from Alpha Chi Omega, they had to have their own session!

Marty Gates

Marty Gates, Executive Director of SVWIT

Front-kick board break

Cristin's $600 board; good thing it broke!

Session two in full swing

Session Two was a challenge to everyone.

Hammer fist board break

Fear Heather's Hammer Fist

An enthusiastic participant

"No" means no!

Session two in full swing

This is why we call it "Kick Back".

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In spite of plenty of hurdles, obstacles and difficulties, our first annual KBAV benefit was a huge success raising over $600 for Susquehanna Valley Women in Transition.

daily item photo
CardioKicks! instructor Laura Kamienski
Photo by Ron Schmick courtesy ofThe Daily Item

Laura Kamienski (right) presents check
to Michelle Wehr of SVWIT.

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