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The KICKS Student of Tae Kwon Do

In life women take on different roles; mother, daughter, nurturer, beauties, wallflowers, and many others.  Then, there is the Student of Tae Kwon Do at KICKS.  Where do we fall into these categories?  Well, everywhere.  Students at Kicks are all different.  We are students, mothers, business women and professors.  We are women of all ages.  What is it that ties us all together?  

In the beginning and at the end of every class, we make a promise and take an oath to Sabum Nim, our fellow students and ourselves.  The promise of being Courteous, having integrity, persevering in not only our desire to advance ourselves in Tae Kwon Do, but in life.  To practice self-control, and then what I think is most important, to have an Indomitable Spirit.  No one will beat us, our Spirits are invincible.  These tenants are our core, they are the beginning of the promise we make within our group  

We respect one another for the roles that we hold in life.  This respect is important.  We understand that we all have something important to say or to share.  We all have something to teach.

We are all given gifts each time we enter out classroom.  The gifts of self defense and self preservation; tools to build our strength and self confidence.  But, with these gifts, there is a rule.  They are not to be misused.  If misused respect for the gifts, the art, is lost.

This gift allows us to be a group of Champions.  Overcoming stereotypes set for women:  weak, timid, frail.  We are taught to TAKE UP SPACE.  IT IS OURS!  As individuals, we overcome personal challenges, we are given personal freedom and once we’ve tasted that, we are unbreakable.

All of these promises allow us to build a more peaceful world; our own personal world, our group’s world inside the classroom, and the world in which we live.

We take this oath as a group, a family, in front of Sabum Nim, a person we all have great respect for.  Knowing that we share these responsibilities as a family builds the spirit and comradery of our group.

Knowing that we share these responsibilities builds our inner strength and confidence; we are not alone. This is our tie, our core, our inner strength.  Despite our roll in life, no matter how similar or different, at our core we all have the same precious gift, Inner Strength.  We are all a KICKS Student of Tae Kwon Do.