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I’m Sorry, I Forgot My Dress

What we’re taught...

Stand right here, behind me

    I’ll protect you.

Girls don’t run, they scream

Don’t run, you can’t get away

Don’t fight, he’s bigger than you

Girls don’t fight back

Girls can’t fight back.

Girls don’t hit

Girls wear dresses

Don’t frown dear, you’ll wrinkle

You know, you could use a little lipstick

    You look so washed out.

Stand back

    I’ll do that for you.

What I’ve learned...

Stand right there behind you?

    I can stand on my own.

Girls don’t run, they scream?

    Don’t worry, you’ll hear me.  (LOUD ki-hap)

What? I can’t get away?

    Maybe not, but I’ll make you wish I had.

He’s bigger than me?

    Maybe, but I’m prepared.  Is he?

Girls don’t fight back?

    Oh, this Girl does.

Girls CAN’T fight back?

    I don’t know that word.

Girls don’t hit?

    Invade my space and see.

Girls wear dresses?

    Hmm, I must have forgotten mine.

Don’t frown because I’ll wrinkle?

    Look at my mean face, check out my mean wrinkles.

I could use some lipstick? I look washed out?

Does this sparring bruise match my outfit?

You’ll do it for me?

No, Thanks.  I can do it myself.