lindsey presents  Lindsey

The Love of Tae Kwon Do

I'll always love Tae Kwon Do, with every kick and punch,

To keep my body in shape, on healthy foods I munch.

When I break a board, I kick with all my might,

Cause every time the board, puts up a real good fight.

My family's so supportive, my mom, my dog, my dad,

But sometime I wanna kick my brother, when he makes me really mad.

How beautiful the forms are, I cannot even explain,

They're probably as pretty as roses, or a horse's mane.

The techniques are so powerful; they make me feel so strong,

They defend me from all evil, and defend me from all wrong.

The belt that I wear shows my effort and pride,

And that is not something, you can just buy.

It takes lots of determination, and you have to be real brave,

No hiding cowardly, in a dark old cave.

Tae Kwon Do really works you, works you to the bone,

But after you've finished, all your effort will have shown.

Becoming a black belt, is my biggest goal,

But it's not like I think the other belts are dull.

I now feel secure, if I were threatened with a knife,

What I'm trying to say, is Tae Kwon Do changed my life.