Liz Liz

Part of my requirement for the purple belt at Kicks Martial Arts is to teach ten hours in class for my class mates and then to write about it.  The ten hours were easier!
I have spent ten hours teaching and helping my classmates in several things.  I’ve helped in three-steps, forms, and general preparation for tests.  Also I have led a girl’s class in warm-ups.  I have helped from white to green belts.  It’s necessary to teach at some point in Tae Kwon Do because then you have to fine-tune everything you teach and be asked questions you never thought about before.  The students you are teaching learn, and you do too.

The tenets also come into practice.  Courtesy and perseverance is important to practice, if someone is not getting something right the first time. Personally I had to be patient in how I explained things and to point out mistakes. Integrity is in meeting your teaching obligations even if it means coming in that extra hour.  Teaching is fun but its serious work.  I now truly appreciate [Sabum Nim] for doing such a great job.