lorraine  Lorraine

It was quite different standing in front of the class and teaching Tae Kwon Do instead of being in the ranks and learning. I feel that I have gained quite a bit of insight about myself and others by having to teach. It is a lot easier taking a class then teaching one. I have stood in front of classes before and taught but it is always been about something that I am very well versed about, such as computers. It takes a lot for me to stand up in front of a class and teach when I am not comfortable with the material that I am presenting.

While I can do a form that I have been taught, I found that I struggle in teaching that same form. My mind and muscles know what to do but I have trouble articulating what needs done. Techniques that are relatively easy for me to do become a stumbling block when I need to explain them. For example, if the instructor tells me to do a right back stance, left inner forearm block, I know what to do, but if I am trying to explain that to someone I find myself stumbling for the right words and the right way to say it. I sometimes find it hard to explain how to do a technique and I often need to resort to showing the technique. While it is good to show someone how to do the technique it is better when I can do both.

However, I think that having to teach the forms and techniques has helped me make improvement in my skills. When I am explaining a technique to someone I need to pick the technique apart and find that I learn a little more about the technique. I think it is because I am really forced to think about the technique rather than just doing it. When someone does not quite grasp what I am trying to show them, I need to come up with alternative ways of explaining or demonstrating, everyone learns differently, so you need to come up with various ways to show or explain the technique to them. It is also difficult to know what to teach them especially when you have a wide range of skill sets.

I was not thrilled with the prospect of having to teach, but overall, I think that teaching Tae Kwon Do has been a positive experience for me. I am becoming more comfortable standing in front of the class and teaching. I have noticed that I am more comfortable standing up in front of a group of strangers and talking. I attribute this in part not only from taking Tae Kwon Do but also from now having to teach it. I am also developing my own skills more as I show others the various techniques and forms. In teaching the techniques and forms you need to develop a deeper understanding of the details to be better able to explain them. It is a lot different than just learning and doing.