molly Molly

I have contemplated what I would write regarding my teaching experience for weeks.  I could write about how my teaching others has provided a more in-depth and complete understanding of Tae Kwon Do.  That in breaking down each technique into its most elemental form and incorporating different strategies for instruction, I I have relearned my subject.  

I could also talk about my initiative as an instructor.  But I feel my dedication and commitment are axiomatic and therefore bear little mention.  The details such as attendance board, community scholarship program, teaching curriculum, and marketing ideas are an extension of my expertise and only illustrate what I have done; they do not express what this experience has meant to me.

Upon further reflection, I realized that I have gotten more from my experience than I have ever given.  The utter satisfaction of watching these girls hone their skills during class can never compare to a poster board filled with stickers.  Their joy in sharing their unique talent and expertise shone through every photograph taken during our community day.  The determination and focus that under girds their perseverance carries more weight in my heart than the flimsy piece of paper the teaching curriculum is written on.  There is no way to market their effect on our program or my life. 

Each hug at the end of class is more than mere thanks; it demonstrates how I have touched their lives.  Yet ironically, it is my life which feels most blessed to be a part of this group.  This family of young women is my family of young women. I am enrolled in their development and success as individuals not as a teacher but as a member of their Tae Kwon Do family.   We share our successes, frustrations, excitement and losses as one.    In being part of this experience, these girls have taught me about friendship, leadership and camaraderie.

So my teaching experience has been more of a journey of discovery.  I have learned that in giving we receive and I owe them a debt of gratitude for shaping my Tae Kwon Do experience.  Truly these incredible young women have given to me, more than I have given to them.