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Rank Testings

first test
Kicks first rank test.

Lorraine and Tami
Lorrain and Tami perform one-steps.

White belts
Hey Lorraine -- What's that technique called? Application?

Rising block
Rising blocks at our second test.

Four white belts
Mary Ann, Ann, Cristin and Stacy

Cristin gold
Sabum Nim and newly promoted gold belt Cristin.

Stacy's award
Stacy is awarded for outstanding perseverance.

Cristin and Stacy
New gold belts, Cristin and Stacy

Ann and Cindy
New gold belts, Ann and Cindy

2001 Gold Belts
New gold belts:
Kneeling front: Julie, Cindy and Denise
Standing: Tami, Melanie, Carol, Lorraine and Chris