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Tae Kwon Do

Gabriela Diego, Lewisburg -- "They really kick your butt! Silly me, I thought this would be easier than aerobics!! Now I know better."

Lindsey Brodie, Lewisburg --"Tae Kwon Do has made me more confident in myself, strong, energetic, and brave...[It] has taught me to physically defend myself, but also how to defend myself without event touching the person...I look forward to Tae Kwon Do after a long day of school, even if I'm having a glum day."

Molly Pavlechko, Lewisburg, -- "Now I revel...at my courage to take a stand. Look out world!"

Lorraine Eisenhuth, Winfield -- "As I progress in Tae Kwon Do, I am developing both physically and mentally into a stronger person."

Julie Karchner, Milton   -- "I feel that my training has given me the courage to know what I believe, trust myself and stand ready when life throws a new curve."

Julie Arcelus, Lewisburg  -- "I believe that through Tae Kwon Do, I continue to improve myself mentally, physically, and emotionally. I become stronger each day and therefore am better able to help others to improve themselves and our world."

Beth Kaszuba, Lewisburg -- "When I was a white belt, I used to look at the higher ranks doing these amazing things, and think, "No way.  I'll never be able to do that."  But with training you find that you can do incredible stuff. "

Elizabeth Crespo, Lewisburg -- "Kicks is a space where all my abilities and all of my shortcomings are valued and respected"

Coralynn Davis, Lewisburg -- "I experience a sense of freedom from encultured/feminine physical constraint/restraint when I punch, block and kick. I think that if more of us did this (and took off our high heels and danced, etc.) we'd experience more freedom"

Alyssa Schneebaum, Bucknell Student --  "Training at Kicks has brought me to two crucial realizations about my body and abilities. First, it has become essential for me to set boundaries on how other people handle my body. Secondly, by learning Tae Kwon Do form and movement, I have developed precision, strength, and confidence in my movements throughout every day life."

Abby Courtney, Riverside --"In Tae Kwon Do I plan to pursue many aspects. I will acquire fire."

Liz Van Fleet, Mifflingburg -- "I enjoy Tae Kwon Do because it's a positive place to go after school intead of sitting around watching TV...We work hard, but we have a lot of fun."

Empower! Self-defense for Women

Whitney Beal, Bloomsburgh University Student - "Nothing like this is taught in regular courses, and these are life lessons nobody should be without."

Laura McClelland, Coordinater SASSE Syracuse University - "Bringing [Empower!] to Syracuse University was the smartest thing we could have done...[Empower!] is a balanced marriage of theory and practice that makes you feel mentally and physically ready for anything!"

Jess Larson, Syracuse University Student - "[Empower!] showed me how to appreciate the power I've already got!"

Eileen Hall, RN, Shamokin - "[Empower! is] given by an instructor with first hand knowledge about violence toward women...I've had defense courses as a prison employee and a psychiatric nurse and this is the best course I've ever had!"

Sarah Trist, Syracuse University Student - "[Empower!] goes above and beyond typical self-defense courses making it a more 'realistic' preperation for women and girls today...The women's only space offers a safe and comfortable environment for addressing uncomfortable issues. I would recommend it to any woman or girl and hope it becomes a requirement for girls BEFORE college or high school."

Dolores Splane, Shamokin - "This is a course no woman should be without... "

Laura Ernst-Keister, Volunteer Coordinator - Susquehanna Valley Women in Transition - "We all benefited from the class and felt that it was just the beginning in a new perspective about preventing sexual assault."

Elizabeth Crespo, Professor Women's Studies Bucknell University - "Empower! offers students not only basic physical techniques, but also about the social and interpersonal dynamics that are always a component of violence against women."

Jo Ann Chapel, Milton - "Every woman should take the time to take this. [Empower!] makes you feel good about yourself."

Jessica Konigsbauer, Student Bloomsburg University - "I absolutely recommend Empower! The instructor got me so motivated that I wanted to learn much much more! Awesome! I plan on taking more Empower! courses in the future."

Carol Fraind, Berwick - "Very empowering! Thank you -- [Empower!] really boosted my confidence."

Esther Weaver, Mifflinburg - "[In Empower] I had a feeling of belonging and felt very safe...[Empowr] gave me tools I need to be more confident ad to be assertive and not so passive."

Sharon Karchner, Milton - "I feel better about myself. I do have the power to say 'no' AND show it. Where I would have been meek I now will feel comfortable being mentally strong and empowered."

Lorraine Eisenhuth, Winfield - "I learned a lot in this course. Not only does [Empower] teach you physical skills to defend yourself, but verbal and mental ways to deal with difficult situationss."

Susan Hunter, Lewisburg  - "All aspects of self-defense for women are discussed and practiced. Thanks Empower!"

Chris Young, Lewisburg - "I highly recommend Empower! for all women of all ages. Traditional gender roles and societal expectations hinder women's development of confidence, assertiveness, and recognition of subtle control mechanisms used in our culture. Women who attend this course leave with an enriched understanding of these mechanisms and how to deal with them effectively."

Lori Goodwin, State College - "Learning basic techniques will help me in case I get in a situation. I can also use techniques learned in [Empower!] to prevent a situation. Thanks."

Pam Libby, Lewisburg - "It was very informative. All women should take it!"

Nicole Davis, Milton - "I believe that this class helped me to realize that I could take care of myself when I am out in the world alone."

Anna Herbst, Bloomsburg - This is probably the most healthy habit we as women could get into to protect our bodies and our confidence.

Lynette Reece, Milton - "It was awesome learning to protect myself and learning how to avoid bad situations."

Sensei Charity Warren, Head Instructor and Coordinator for Women's Self-defense BSAK, Fort Worth, TX - "In my 14 years of martial arts and self-defense experiences, 10 as an instructor, I have never encountered anyone, student or instructor , who possesses the passion, concern, education and intellectual breadth [Empower! creator and instructor] Laura Kamienski  consistently and routinely displays."

Karen Sundstrom, Chimera Self-defense for Women Instructor, Columbia, SC - "Laura Kamienski communicates the spirit of women's self-defense through her example and her teaching practice."

Nadia Telsey of Breaking Free, Eugene, OR - "I am very impressed with [Laura Kamienski's] approach to self-defense, particularly her recognition of skills needed and the fact we need to address assaults by acquaintances as well as strangers."

Linda Musser, New Columbia - "[Empower!] has taught me to be more observant and think of things differently. Now I think about what I can do, not what I can't do."

Joy Paterson, State College - "I will pass what I learned to my daughter and encourage her to take a course in her city."

CardioKicks! Fitness Kickboxing

Julie Karchner, Milton -- "From the first class I was so energized and felt better than I did in a long time. The instructors are incredible motivators!"

Erin  Stanhope, Lewisburg -- I like that during my normal workday - I am so looking forward to going to CardioKicks!. Even though I go just two days a week, I feel good about myself after attending class. I often get home and demonstrate kicks or any new moves that I have learned

Jean Walburn, Selinsgrove - "[CardioKicks!] really made me feel better about myself. I've always tried to stay somewhat active, but could never find  my niche when it came to exercise.  I love taking class - it keeps me  going and I feel that I am learning skills while keeping my blood flowing at  the same time! "

Renelle Spagnoletti, Lewisburg  -- "I feel more energetic and have gotten firmer. I have lost 10 lbs. since I've taken Cardio Kicks and that has motivated me to keep taking it.

Deena Eberhart, Lewisburg - "CardioKicks isn't like those other boring aerobic classes. Where else can you get fit while acting like you're kicking someone else's butt?"

Sabum Nim Silke Schulz, Owner Kicks Tae Kwon Do, California City, CA - "In addition to being an excellent Tae Kwon Do instructor, Laura Kamienski is a dynamic aerobics instructor and superb athlete."