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Green Belt Essay

When I originally joined Kicks Martial Arts, there was so many new moves to learn, and to top it off there were these tenets and a student oath to learn. Wow, this is a lot to learn in a short amount of time. Needless to say, I memorized the tenets and the student oath. I knew what to say, but at first I didn't bother to learn what the student oath meant. One day I sat down with my student handbook to review a few things, and I read the student oath. These sentences have more meaning than I thought. They opened my eyes. I am still learning the student oath and find myself still measuring myself and my life by it.

I shall observe the tenets of Tae Kwon Do. (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit) This it the one that I have measured myself most by. I feel I am strong with Courtesy, Integrity, and Self-Control, however, Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit I am still struggling with learning and applying to myself. To me perseverance means continuing no matter of the obstacle or interference. Indomitable Spirit reminds me of a tree in a wind storm, You keep your roots or beliefs firmly planted, but you must also bend and compromise in order to respect the views and beliefs of others. I find myself being uprooted to easily so I won't step on toes. It's a hard pattern to stop.

I shall respect my instructors and seniors. This is obvious respect those who have more knowledge and experience than yourself.

I shall never misuse Tae Kwon Do. Never confuse self-defense with misuse of force. To use your knowledge on someone weaker without threat is being a bully.

I will be a champion of freedom and justice. Be a good citizen, being a proud American. Actually I look to my husband as a good example of this tenet. Stand true and strong, defend what you hold dear.

I will build a more peaceful world. Take part in your community and set examples of tolerance for those around you to follow. Use the lessons you've learned to teach others. The student oath has significant meaning that I now know. I may not understand the scope of them but, I know it's a process of constant change and rebuilding the person you are through
knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses.